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Single Wall Paper Cups

PLA Coated White Coffee Cup - 6 oz Single Wall Paper Cup - 177ml


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Item Number: G6SW   Carton Qty: 1000pc 

This unique PLA coated paper cup is unlike traditional paper cups that use a petroleum-based plastic lining, Cups-To-Grow is lined with a bioplastic lining PLA (poly-lactic-acid) harvested from corn starch, a natural, annually renewable resource.

These white 6oz coffee cups are economical for most hot tea and coffee lovers. Our disposable coffee cups are the best for serving hot cocoa and other beverages, having a 177ml storage capacity. The white coffee cup has single wall construction and rolled rim for strength that holds up hot drinks for a long time.

PLA coated paper cups that come without lead are sturdy and stackable for space-saving storage. It is ideal for cafes, typical restaurants, catering, food trucks, and takeaways. You can purchase the lid sold separately from us at a very reasonable price. This 6oz cup can bear hot water up to 212-degree Fahrenheit due to the polythene lining that protects against the leakage of the liquid. Chose single wall PLA coated 6oz paper cups because of their durability, ease to use, biodegradable, and eco-friendly features.

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