COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Nowadays, due to the ongoing COVID-19 scenario, most of the business and management have created criteria, privacy, and crisis management teams to respond to the current situation. Social distancing has become the new norm.

About packaging during COVID-19

As the experts have advised, Covid–19 may be contracted by not maintaining social distance or even by only touching the material's surface. The research says that the coronavirus can stay on the surface for many hours depending upon the type of material.  

Now we know all restaurants, shops, stores, etc, were closed. But as per the guidelines by the government, take away, or home delivery is recommended. Many people have a fear in regards to the cause of coronavirus with home delivery too.

"Safety above all" is highly recommended and taken incredibly serious by all our packaging and delivery agencies. They are following and listening to all the guidelines given by the government as they strive to help to protect their customers and team members.

Steps to ensure safety

As the world is adjusting to coronavirus impacts, first and foremost, by following the recommendations, a variety of steps are taken. Before taking the safety for the customers, the team must have enough knowledge and training about the COVID-19 policy. Type of actions taken for the team include:

However, apart from the team being cautious, it is also necessary to care about the transportation equipment. What to do with the vehicles and other essential delivery things in COVID-19 precautions? Let's get to know about that.

  1. Vehicles (Cars, Motorcycle, etc.)

One of the most influential and good ideas is to disinfect the areas of the vehicle that are often touched, like car and motorcycle handles, keys, steering wheels, and more. This safety will limit the risk of having the virus to both the delivery guy and the customer.

  1. During delivery

Before heading out for the delivery, sanitization and body temperature is mandatory. At the time of delivery, the package should be left outside the door. No hand-to-hand delivery is allowed. By doing this, the chances of getting the virus becomes minimal.

  1. Serving up updates

Above all, the packaging services operate within the impacted areas as allowed, with the local conditions and restrictions. They adjust delivery in the restricted areas adhering to all the guidelines related to the containment of the virus.

So, if you wish to order something, Packware is the right choice as they supply all the disposable food packaging by completely following the COVID-19 guidelines.