Snack Box Small 172mm x 104mm x 55 mm

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$51.13 in. GST

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Product Code SBS

Carton Qty. 250

Size 172mm x 104mm x 55 mm

If you have a restaurant, café, or food delivery service, you must need a box to carry food for your customers. Buy snack boxes through us as it is safe for food contact and enjoy food storage and delivery as it is perfect for a small portion of pasta or rice, snacks, school lunches, and any side dishes. Moreover, our snack box can carry hot as well as cold food. The snack box in Australia is made from all-natural paper cardboard material suiting perfectly for storing food.

The containers are biodegradable, decomposable, and eco-friendly. Get this snack box online as it is a fantastic budget alternative to our corrugated range. The remarkable thing about this container is that it has cut-out holes at the bottom that allow the steam to pass and reduce condensation inside the food package. It is one of the best, suitable, and cost-effective containers of all time.

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