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12oz Sugarcane Bowl


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Item Number: G12BP
Carton Qty: 1000pc 

This white 12oz Sugarcane bowl Australian made is simple yet elegant, made from sugarcane bagasse. The sugarcane bowls are inherently strong, durable, grease and cut resistant alternatives to traditional plastic or polystyrene. The thing about sugarcane fibre products is that they are compostable and they are made from a reclaimed and renewable material which makes them a more sustainable choice.

The sugarcane products are ASTM compliant for compostability and are made from recyclable material. Also, they are freezer safe. However, such products are compostable in commercial compost facilities but unfortunately not in a home compost. Compost is an excellent way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.

As one of the leading manufacturers of disposable food containers, we ensure you get the best from us. Buy a 12oz Sugarcane bowl online which offers leak and oil proof solutions to your usage, they come in a variety of sizes from small testing bowls to soup and salad ones.

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