Butcher Paper 610X810 -NEWS

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Butcher paper in Australia from Packware has all the surfaces and sizing you need. For all the catering services, food delivery, restaurants, and cafes, butcher paper is economical for everyday food services use. It is very sturdy and an excellent way for wrapping a variety of food items, including sandwiches and meat. Buy butcher paper and use it in food packaging as it is low in sulfur and near a neutral pH making it FDA compliant, causing no harm to the food.

As one of the leading sellers of food disposables and packaging, we have the best and supreme quality butcher paper available in the size of 610 x 810. Get butcher paper online in bulk from our website of minimum cartoon quantity consisting of 15kg. The butcher paper we provide is engineered to withstand blood and moisture better than any other paper and is thick enough to handle meat without any tear.

Product Code - BUT68
Carton Qty. 15 Kg

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