Clear Jumbo Straws

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Product Code: SRJCL

Carton Qty: 3000

We provide you with a wide range of wholesale online clear jumbo straws to suit your multiple drinks, from coconut water to any juices and cold beverages as well. Our supreme quality plastic straw is used for drinking purposes and counted as an ideal one for grabbing customers' attention because of its look, shining, and quality of the straw. The non-reusable plastic Australia clear jumbo straw is lightweight, BPA-free, inexpensive to ship, and ensures you do not worry about extra plastic entering your mouth from the straw.

These straws come without any wrapper, making it easy for people to grab them without any extra waste. It stands excellent for most fast-food restaurants, events, bars and is perfect for general use in any dining establishment. Buy clear jumbo straws as they are ideal for adding to bright and colorful drinks to make them more attractive and provide convenience and appeal to your beautifully crafted cocktails.

Type: Straws

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