Caprice Roll Hand Towel 80 metres 0080CW

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Product Code HT8CW

Carton Qty 16 Rolls x 80metre

As one of the leading suppliers of food disposables and packages, we assure you that we have high-quality hand towels safe for the skin. Whatever your workplace or other public venues could be, the hand towel roll from Australia is perfect with its excellent value and versatility. It has a high capacity ideal for busy washrooms in public venues such as cinemas, schools, airports, and more. So, make the change today to enjoy the dispensability of our hand towel roll available online. Our rolls are cost-effective, in-expensive to ship, suitable, easy to use, and have excellent performance ratio and value.

One cartoon contains 16 towel rolls of 80m and can perfectly fit in dispensers. Moreover, buy hand towel roll as it is suitable for low-impact washrooms, is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable. It helps to keep your hand clean, reduces contamination and the spreading of germs. It is created with fresh fibers for sustainability and is certified to ensure a safe environment.

Type: Hand Towels

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