CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towel 24x24cm 1516CU

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Product Code 1516CU

Carton Qty 16 Packs x 150 Towels

Sheet Size Folded 24cm x 6.5cm

We have interleaved hand towel in Australia with excellent and ideal hand drying qualities and solutions one need for their busy commercial facilities, washrooms, hospital venues, and more. The material used in making hand towels is of supreme quality and has enough absorbent capacity while also being economical and reliable. Buy interleaved hand towel and get a soft linen-like feel with its convenient and cost-effective function. The box of hand towels contains 16 packets of 150 sheets, which are enough to use daily.

The interleaved hand towel available online is portion-controlled and reduces waste. It is recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and easily disposable to maintain hygiene. You will get 240 x 240 mm hand towels with enough space to wipe both your hands at once. As a leading wholesale supplier, we assure you that we have the best product among all in the market, with unique and branded hand towels perfect for every skin type.


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