BioPak 6 Compartment Tray

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Product Code: GTR6
Carton Qty: 250

Tray Size: (L)320x(W)220x(H)22mm

Now serve your meal in a more convenient and easy way. This 6- Compatment tray comes with 6 different storage compartment for various of different types of meals it is the best tray for takeaway. Made with safe sugarcane pulp that makes it more eco-friendly protecting both nature and your meal.
CONVENIENT: With 6 compartment areas you can store various kinds of meals in an easy and convenient way.
ECO-Friendly: Made with plant based material which reduces carbon emission on production offering environment protection.
PLASTIC FREE: This tray is plastic free 70% less harmful to environment when burned or if decayed.


    • Carton size: (L)46x(W)34cmx(H)27cm
    • Carton total weight: 10.5kg

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