2 Square Greaseproof -Lined

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If you are looking for perfect packaging to deliver your food, no other packaging can be perfect than 2 square greaseproof bags available online. The bag features two plies greaseproof paper towards the inner side and is made from high-quality paper, causing no side effects to the food kept inside it. These bags are an excellent choice for deep-fried food, French fries, chips, calamari, dim sum, donuts, pastries, burgers, and greasy food.

Buy 2 square greaseproof bags from us as it is cost-effective and provides a versatile packaging solution for delivering packed food. The bags can be easily folded or shrank for minimal space usage and easy storage. Through 2 square greaseproof bags from Australia, you can even use them easily for in-store storage. The bags are eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable, and sustainable. It also offers you a fantastic chance to promote your brand by printing the name on the plain brown kraft paper bags.

Product Code - BBS2GP
Carton Qty. 500

Type: Paper Bags

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