Dinner Box Family Brown Kraft

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Our biodegradable and compostable lunch box helps save the earth and your food.

  • Durable and Grease Resistant Craftsmanship- We craft our family box with a poly-coated interior to prevent grease, oil, and sauce from soaking through that might affect the quality of the food. These food boxes can resist messy foods and prolong the lifespan of the food you serve.
  • Innovative Tab Lock Closure-  The built-in inter-locking tab lock closure reduces the risk of mess, spills, and food falling out. These are great for busy family and kitchen staff because they don't need to look for a matching lid that will fit on the paper boxes. You can confidently pack and serve your signature dishes at your house party or serve takeout and delivery orders.
  • Made For Hot and Cold Temperature- Our takeout box can hold hot and cold food and ensure that condensation will not happen. The exciting feature about these paper storage boxes is that they are freezable and microwaveable.

With durable craftsmanship, you can eat the food directly on the container because you can divide it into two trays. These food packaging boxes are excellent for a large serving of food and family sharing. Great alternatives for picnics, hiking, and camping as you don't need to bring bulky containers. Thanks to their generous size yet stackable, they won't take up too much space in your pantry. You can toss them in the trash, so you won't need to worry about washing them without feeling guilty that you are hurting the planet.

Our paper boxes with lids are 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable. 

These paper take out boxes provide the best opportunity to grow your business by adding a sticker of your logo or brand or printing your business's whole name in these to go food boxes.

Product Code - BBFL
Carton Qty. - 100


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