1000ml Round Clear PET Plastic Bottles With Tamper Evident Lids

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Bottle Size: 24.16cm x 8.45cm


We provide you with a wide range of wholesale 1000ml refillable clear PET plastic juice bottles to suit multiple drinks from water to juices and cold beverages for storage. Our supreme quality BPA Free plastic juice bottles are ideal for catching customers’ attention, as they instantly see the quality and texture of your product.

These refillable plastic bottles are durable and lightweight, easy for your customers to carry, inexpensive to ship, and free you from the worry of any damage, breakage or leaks. Bottles come with a black lid, natural lid, white lid, yellow lid or gold lid that makes the bottle appear all the more attractive. PET makes the bottles resistant to acid and alkali; it also makes them lightweight and recyclable, making them the ideal container for liquids and different liquid foods.

This round bottle is also known as:

  • Plastic milk bottles with lids
  • Small plastic bottles with lids
  • Plastic storage bottles with lids

Type: Bottles

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