Rectangle Plastic Storage Containers Black 900ml GENFAC

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Make the most of your family time by preparing meals ahead of time using our 900ml food storage containers. 

You can use these disposable food containers for outdoor activities like traveling, camping, or hiking and throw them in the trash bin once they serve their purpose. They are also ideal for meal prep for kid's lunch, office, and meal portions. Storing foods in these food containers is more cost-efficient and healthier.

Our insulated food containers are also perfect for food establishments such as sweet shops, lounges, drive-ins, restaurants, and cafés serving delivery and take-out orders.

  • Resilient and High-Class Containers -We produce our takeaway containers using only supreme quality plastic materials resulting in a more robust and durable than other brands. Our takeaway containers don't easily warp or deform even when you freeze and microwave them for several uses, making them spill-free. Put the container in your refrigerator for any leftover food and microwave them the following day for an instant delicious dish.
  • Washable and Reusable- At Packware, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our plastic food containers are made and thoroughly inspected with only approved materials. They are food safe and environmentally sustainable as you can recycle our products and are easy to clean. 
  • Portion and Meal Control-These plastic takeaway containers are applicable as portion control to achieve ideal weight, fitness, and nutritional goals as you can stick to your diet plan. You can store up to 900ml of content to monitor what you eat.

Our bulk rectangle food containers are best for commercial kitchens. They store cold cuts, herbs and spices, and aroma and stack them up once they are not in use for an organized kitchen. You can enhance your food presentation by using these food saver containers as the main serving dish.

- Matching Lids are sold separately -

Code No 900GB

L 175mm x W 118mm x H 62mm

Colour Black
Sleeve QTY 50 PCS
Carton QTY 500 PCS

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