Ribbed Rectangle Plastic Containers Lids White GENFAC

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Enjoy clean food while preserving its freshness all day long using our white plastic takeaway containers lids.

  • Leak-Free Meal- Having a tight-fitting seal that helps to keep the sauce, soup, or broth from seeping out.
  • Organized Kitchen- Once you cover food containers, you can stack them inside a fridge or storage cabinet for a more spacious storage system.
  • Convenient for Fast-Paced Kitchen- These lids and our plastic food containers are best for busy individuals who are meal-prepping ahead of time. After preparing all your ingredients, you can secure them instantly rather than using foil which might take time. These food saver containers and lids are perfect for commercial kitchens to ensure that orders are always on time, intact, and mess-free. Our food storage containers come with excellent clarity to offer the ideal product visibility, which is best for on-the-go meals.

At Packware, we assure you that all our disposable containers and lids are food-safe,100% recyclable, and BPA-free. If you need fast and reliable bulk food storage containers Australia, we are always ready to accommodate your storing and packaging needs. Get these lids in bulk and never run out of your rectangular takeaway containers without lids.


L 185mm x W 125mm x H 7.5mm

Colour White
Sleeve QTY 50 PCS
Carton QTY 500 PCS

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