Snack Box Paper Box Large Brown Kraft

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This top-not lunch box aims to keep the freshness of food while carried or transported around. The takeout food has the same taste as dining in your favorite restaurant.

  • Environmentally-Friendly- We construct our food boxes of natural recyclable, durable, water, and oil-proof kraft paper stock to prevent sauce and oil seeping out. These are compostable, so you can rest assured that these paper boxes won't stick around in landfills for ages like plastic and styrofoam containers. 
  • Safe and Convenient To Use- Our paper storage boxes are perfect for keeping the food's freshness and original flavor. These paper boxes with lids are freezable and microwaveable for storing and reheating food quickly. These are disposable for easy cleaning up, making them an ideal addition to busy families or fast food deli restaurants as you don't need to look for matching lids.
  • Leak-Proof and Heat Resistant- Our food packaging boxes are specially designed to contain greasy and oily foods without having liquids and sauces seeping through the box. Your food will be securely packed in these large paper take out boxes. They are widely used in household and commercial kitchens with fast-paced settings.

Our food shipping boxes are heat tolerant microwavable-safe, making them the perfect eco-friendly containers for serving cold and hot dishes like salad, desserts, rice meals, and pasta. They are great as a stocking container in the freezer and kitchen for an organized kitchen.

Packware provides a wide-array collection of eco-friendly alternative solutions ranging in different sizes and colors. Our to go food boxes are the perfect solution for people looking for an easy way to save money and time as they don't need to order takeout food on fast food frequently. Whether hosting a house party, celebrating a significant event, or running a food business, you can confidently serve our cardboard food boxes for your guests and customers.

Product Code - BBSBL
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205x106x76 mm

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