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Snack Box Paper Family size Brown Kraft


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The perfect way to share family favorites in large capacities is using our food boxes by Packware.

  • Ideal Size for Large Capacities Storage- With a dimension of 210 x 140 x 102mm, our paper boxes are suitable for storing rice, pasta, snacks, school lunch, etc., and other bulky storing needs. Now you can quickly go camping and traveling knowing that you will always be prepared to have healthy meals that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
  • Unique Design- Our takeout box family size comes with cut-out holes found at the bottom of snack boxes. It allows steam or smoke to escape to lessen the condensation within the package. It can prolong your food's original taste and smell, avoid moist absorption, and make food remain fresh all day. The dual color (white inside and brown outside) makes our paper takeout boxes the best choice for minimalist packaging.
  • Durable Paper Storage Boxes- Using our cardboard containers with lids can prevent food poisoning because you don't need to find a matching lid to cover your food. Moreover, these durable food packaging boxes are disposable and compostable; you can use them guilt-free, knowing that they won't hurt the environment. They are crafted from all-natural paper cardboard material that can hold hot and cold food without easily deforming.

You can order by piece or bulk; our food shipping boxes are excellent for a tidy and organized cabinet or pantry. You can use these during parties to send some leftover food to your friends or pack ahead of time as a simple token. You can incorporate a personal touch on top of the lid like attaching a company sticker, thank you message, special instruction, etc. 

You can also utilize our paper boxes for food as art and craft material and cut different and cute shapes.

Product Code - SBF
Carton Qty. - 200
Dimensions-  210 x 140 x 102mm

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