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12oz/330ml PET Deli Container


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$70.00 in. GST

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Item Number: G12R
Carton Qty: 500pc 

The transparent 12oz PET Deli container is composable and eco-friendly, made from the plant. Buy a 12oz PET Deli container, they make a perfect choice for your cold food storage needs. Allow your customers to relish in this ultimate Deli experience with our container. This will be an added convenience to your customers allowing them to take your culinary creations with them wherever they go.

The transparency and high clarity make for accurate identification of the contents. The containers are sturdy enough that they won’t break even if they sit on the shelf for an extended period despite getting in contact with oils, salad dressings and different sauces.

This stunning looking container not only makes your customers happy about the design but also ensures them that they are making an environmentally conscious choice by choosing us. Each container is made from recycled PET. The eco-friendly container conserves natural resources and making the decision of choosing sustainable products will help sustain the environment for future generations.

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