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EASY-BAKE Baking Paper 40x120


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EASY-BAKE Baking Paper is designed to enhance your baking experience and ensure excellent results. With its width of 40cm and generous length of 120m, it provides an ample supply of baking paper for your culinary creations.

Non-Stick and Easy Release: The baking paper features a non-stick surface that prevents food from sticking to the pan, making it easier to remove baked goods without any residue or mess. This ensures effortless release and preserves the shape and texture of your baked creations.

Heat Resistant: Made from high-quality and heat-resistant materials, EASY-BAKE Baking Paper can withstand high temperatures in the oven, providing a reliable barrier between your food and the baking surface. It allows for even heat distribution, promoting consistent baking results.

Versatile Usage: This baking paper is suitable for a wide range of baking applications, including cookies, cakes, pastries, bread, and more. It can be easily cut to fit various baking pans or used to line baking sheets, providing a non-stick surface and preventing food from sticking.

Convenient Dispensing: The roll format of the baking paper allows for easy and efficient dispensing. The roll is designed with a built-in cutter or perforations, enabling you to tear off the desired length of paper with precision and convenience.

Easy Cleanup: Using EASY-BAKE Baking Paper eliminates the need for greasing pans, simplifying cleanup after baking. Once you're done, simply remove the paper along with any leftover food debris and dispose of it, leaving you with a clean and ready-to-use baking surface.

Upgrade your baking experience with EASY-BAKE Baking Paper in a size of 40cm x 120m. Its non-stick properties, heat resistance, versatile usage, and convenient dispensing make it an essential tool in any kitchen. Enjoy hassle-free baking and easy cleanup with EASY-BAKE Baking Paper.

Type: Baking paper

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