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Brown Kraft Bag with Flat Paper Handle - Size 305x305x175mm


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Brown Kraft Bag/flat paper handle - 250pc/ctn

The Brown Kraft Bag with flat paper handle from Packware is a versatile and sturdy option for food deliveries and takeaways. With a size of 305x305x175mm, these bags provide ample space for carrying larger items. They are available in a bundle of 50 bags per bundle, with 250 bags per carton.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Bottom: The bags feature a wider bottom, allowing them to accommodate various food containers, clamshells, and cupholders from our range.
  2. Sustainable Alternative: Use these paper bags as a checkout bag, offering a great sustainable alternative to plastic bags. By choosing these bags, you contribute to reducing plastic waste.
  3. Eco-Friendly Material: The bags are made from paper, ensuring they are free from plastic. They are recyclable and compostable, making them environmentally friendly.
  4. Reusable: These bags can be re-used for multiple purposes, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Choose the Brown Kraft Bag with flat paper handle from Packware for a reliable and eco-conscious packaging option for your food deliveries and takeaways. With their wider bottom and sustainable features, these bags are designed to meet your needs while minimizing environmental impact.

Type: Bags

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