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CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towel 23x23cm 1516CU/2324CU

SKU: 1516CU/2324CU

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Product Code 1516CU/2324CU

Carton Qty 16 Packs x 150 Towels

Sheet Size Folded 23cm x 6.5cm

Introducing the CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towel, the perfect solution for your hand drying needs. With item code 1516CU/2324CU, this hand towel comes in a convenient size of 23x23cm, offering optimal absorbency and comfort. Each box contains 16 packets, with 150 towels in each packet, providing you with a total of 2400 towels per box.

The folded sheet size measures 23cm x 6.5cm, ensuring compactness and easy dispensing. For added convenience, we offer an optional Caprice Dispenser for Interleaved Towels, with the corresponding item code DISP. This dispenser is designed to neatly hold and dispense the interleaved hand towels, promoting hygienic and efficient usage.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality: The CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towel is crafted with care using premium materials, guaranteeing excellent performance and durability.
  • Superior Absorbency: Each towel is designed to effectively absorb moisture, ensuring efficient hand drying and a pleasant user experience.
  • Hygienic Interleaved Design: The interleaved format prevents cross-contamination, as users only touch the towel they use, promoting enhanced hygiene in your establishment.
  • Space-Saving Folded Size: The compact folded size allows for easy storage and efficient use of space in your facility.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for a variety of settings, including restaurants, cafes, offices, and more, these hand towels are versatile and suitable for any high-traffic area.
  • Optional Dispenser: Enhance the convenience and accessibility of the CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towels by adding the Caprice Dispenser to your order. The dispenser provides a tidy and organized solution for dispensing the towels.

Choose the CAPRICE Interleaved Hand Towel for superior quality, practicality, and reliability. With its impressive absorbency and hygienic design, it is the ideal choice for promoting cleanliness and providing an excellent hand drying experience.

Type: Hand Towels

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Customer Reviews

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David Skender
CAPRICE great product

I have been ordering products from packware for a while and always great price and quick delivery

Hung cuong Truong

You sent to me wrong one,so I'm not happy