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Cellophane Roll 750x400M


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Product Code - CEP400

Size: 750 cm wide x 400 m long roll 

The Cellophane Roll is made from high-quality cellophane material, known for its transparency, durability, and versatility. With a width of 750mm and a generous length of 400m, it provides ample coverage for a wide range of applications.

Versatile Usage: The Cellophane Roll is suitable for various packaging and wrapping needs. It can be used for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, food packaging, crafts, and more. Its transparent nature allows the contents to be visible, making it ideal for showcasing and presenting items.

High Clarity: The cellophane material offers excellent clarity, allowing the contents to be seen clearly. It enhances the visual appeal of the wrapped items, making them more attractive and presentable.

Durable and Tear-Resistant: The Cellophane Roll is designed to be durable and tear-resistant, providing reliable protection for the items being wrapped. It helps to prevent dust, moisture, and other contaminants from reaching the contents, keeping them in optimal condition.

Easy Dispensing: The roll format of the Cellophane Roll allows for easy and convenient dispensing. It can be used with a dispenser or cutter to cut the desired length of cellophane with precision and ease.

Upgrade your packaging and wrapping with the Cellophane Roll measuring 750mm x 400m. Its versatility, high clarity, and durability make it an excellent choice for various applications. Wrap gifts, protect items, and add a touch of elegance with the Cellophane Roll.

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