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Paper Straws Flexi White Individually Wrapped


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Introducing our Flexi White Paper Straws, individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene. These flexible and versatile white paper straws are designed to enhance your beverage experience while ensuring a hygienic and eco-friendly drinking option.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible and Durable: Our Flexi White Paper Straws are designed with a bendable feature, allowing you to adjust the angle for comfortable sipping. They are made from high-quality paper that is sturdy and durable, ensuring they won't easily break or lose their shape during use.

  2. Individually Wrapped: Each straw is individually wrapped, providing a hygienic and convenient solution for drink service. The wrappers keep the straws clean and protected, making them ideal for catering, events, and on-the-go use.

  3. Clean and Elegant: The classic white color of these paper straws adds a clean and elegant touch to any beverage presentation. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from parties and weddings to restaurants and cafes.

  4. Eco-Friendly Choice: Our Flexi White Paper Straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws. They are made from biodegradable materials, contributing to a greener planet while reducing plastic waste.

  5. Versatile Usage: These straws are suitable for various types of drinks, including sodas, iced coffees, smoothies, and more. Their flexibility and reliable construction make them suitable for both personal and commercial use.

Choose convenience, hygiene, and sustainability with our individually wrapped Flexi White Paper Straws. Whether you're hosting an event, running a business, or simply enjoying a drink at home, these flexible and eco-friendly straws provide a comfortable and enjoyable sipping experience.

Product Code: - SRPWFW

Carton Qty: 2500

Type: Straws

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