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Plastic rubbish Bin With Wheel


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Bin: Height 58cm , Diameter 56cm , 16 Kilos .

Wheels : Height 17cm x 46cm Diameter 

Product Code - BINWW

Carton Qty. 1

The Plastic Rubbish Bin with Wheel offers a practical and reliable way to handle waste disposal. With its durable construction and convenient wheels, it is designed to make waste management more efficient.

Dimensions and Weight: The bin has a height of 58cm and a diameter of 56cm, providing a generous capacity for waste collection. It weighs approximately 16 kilograms, ensuring stability and durability.

Easy Mobility: The bin is equipped with wheels that have a height of 17cm and a diameter of 46cm. These wheels enable easy mobility, allowing you to effortlessly move the bin from one location to another, even when it is filled with waste.

Sturdy Construction: Constructed from high-quality plastic, the bin is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. It is built to be resistant to impact, weather conditions, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Secure Lid: The bin features a secure lid that helps to keep odors contained and prevents pests from accessing the waste. The lid also adds an extra layer of protection, keeping the bin's contents securely stored.

Versatile Application: The plastic rubbish bin with wheel is suitable for various environments, including homes, offices, commercial establishments, and outdoor spaces. It can be used for general waste, recycling, or specific waste types as needed.

Invest in the Plastic Rubbish Bin with Wheel for efficient waste management. Its convenient wheel design, sturdy construction, and secure lid make it a reliable choice for keeping your surroundings clean and organized.

Type: Plastic Bags

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