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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

$88.61 ex. GST
$98.45 in. GST

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Gel Dispenser - Designed for gel dispensing, automatically turned on and drop gel immediately when the hand is beneath

Convenient to refill - the transparent window allows you easily see the sanitizer left in the container, super easy for hand soap refill, and easy to maintain touchless soap dispenser

20oz(600ml) visible container - It's a super appropriate size soap dispenser for offices, studios, churches, and so on, The automatic soap dispenser comes with a key to lock up the refill cap.

Adjustable dispensing volume - This gel touchless hand sanitizer dispenser has a button at the button for easy dispensing adjustment

Easy install - drill two holes and use screw set provided by us, the wall mount dispenser is super easy to DIY install

Dimensions: 14.5 cm * 10.5 cm *27 cm


Weight: 1.6kg

Type: Chemicals

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