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Single Wall Paper Cups

Disposable Black 16oz Hot Beverage Cups Single Wall - 90mm


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Disposable Black 16 oz Hot Beverage Cups Single Wall Black

These unique  Black Coffee Cups are used for coffee, hot cocoa, as well as tea and many other things. They are very popular with coffee shops and restaurants but can also be used at home for events.

These paper cups are made of high-quality paper and can hold extremely hot or cold liquids. They are great for coffee shops and stores, but can also be used at home for events such as weddings or parties.

  • KEEP THE HEAT IN: With their innovative double wall insulated design, these disposable coffee cups keep beverages enjoyably warm while keeping customers' hands comfortably cool.
  • ENSURE A STEADY SUPPLY: With 1000 of these paper coffee cups in one package, you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon.

Item Number: 16SWPB

Carton Qty: 1000

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