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Single Wall Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups

Packware's individualized Single Wall Cup is ideal for serving cold drinks-- and hot ones! Its single wall style integrates one layer of the high-end quality board, efficient in custom-made printed with your brand name. The cup can also match the flexible paper cup with our marketing sleeves to serve hot drinks.

The traditional paper cup for catering, conferences, coffee shops, and business Pakware's Single Wall Cup is excellent timeless for serving juices, sodas, or cooled water at any occasion or conference and is primarily used in dining establishments, stores, companies, and coffee shops. Slip-on a sleeve and utilize it to bring your hot coffee or tea.

 The wall of this cup is a highly stiff 310gm boxboard that produces extremely resilient, high-quality, individualized paper cups. Our 8oz Single Wall Cup can be printed with food odor-free and safe, full color or procedure inks.