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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Disposable Plates for Your Event

May 21, 2024 0 Comments

guide to choose right disposable plates

Whether it's a kid’s birthday party or a get-together, utensils are used in abundance. And then washing those utensils is no less than a challenging task. In such a situation, disposable plates work like a miracle. This saves you from washing a lot of utensils after the party is over and you don't have to worry about hygiene. Although many types of disposable plates are available on the market, the question is, how do you know which one is best for your event?

5 Tips on Choosing The Right Disposable Plates for Your Event

tips on choosing disposable plates for any event

In the market, a variety of disposable plates are available. Each has its own benefits, but how to choose from them that suits best for your event is quite tricky. Let's break down the tips and learn how to choose the plates that are functional for the event as well as aesthetically pleasing:

#1. Check Out On Material

When choosing a plate material, the appearance, durability, and environmental friendliness need to be considered.  Let's break down this into types of disposable plates, and understand the material’s significance:

Paper Plates: 

Lightweight and inexpensive, paper plates are the traditional disposable choice. They come in various sizes and colors, and some even have designs and patterns. However, paper plates aren't that durable for heavy or wet food. So, look for paper plates that are wax-coated for moisture-resistant qualities. 

Plastic Disposable Plates:

Plastic disposable plates are good when it comes to moist food as they are resistant to moisture and absorption. They also come in various colors and thin & thick forms. So go for thick, tougher plastic disposable plates to avoid bending and buckling when serving large meals. 

Sugarcane Plates: 

Sugarcane plates are made from bagasse, or sugarcane fibers, and are a disposable, eco-friendly alternative. They have a natural beige color and a fibrous texture. If you're looking to buy biodegradable plates, be aware that although they are compostable, they are durable enough to hold larger meals. Bonus tip - Natural aesthetics goes well with eco-friendly events.

Bamboo Plates: 

Bamboo plates are made from fast-growing bamboo, making it an environment-friendly option. They have the same beige, natural wood appearance and texture as sugarcane plates. But bamboo is tougher and capable of bearing heavier loads than paper or sugarcane. Bamboo plates can be easily composted or decomposed after use.

So, consider the material of the plate based on the requirements.

#2. Event & Purpose

For big events like weddings and formal events, heavyweight plastic disposable plates are recommended. Their sophisticated looks enhance the environment and speak to the significance of the event. On the other hand, lightweight disposable plates (regardless of material) are suitable for occasions such as backyard BBQs, picnics, and kids’ birthday parties. This makes cleaning easy and also aligns with the eco-friendly theme. 

#3. Size & Shape

It is important to consider the size and shape to complement the overall theme as well as the functionality of the event.

  • Platter: Disposable platters or oval plates are a good size and have a stylish shape. 10×12 inches oval disposable platters offer a generous amount of table space for dinner service or multicourse dinners. Suitable for casual and formal gatherings. 
  • Banquet: Banquet plates are available in many shapes, including square, octagonal, and circular. They are available in various materials and are perfect for serving a big meal or a spread of smaller ones. 
  • Appetizer & Dessert: For appetizers and desserts, small to medium-sized disposable plates are perfect. Cakes, bread, cookies, and even salads can be served nicely. This allows guests to pick the plate easily while interacting.

So, consider the size of the plate based on the requirements.

#4. Environmental Impact

When buying plates, make sure they are disposable and eco-friendly. They are made of renewable and compostable disposable plate materials like sugarcane fiber or bamboo and reduce waste.

#5. Design & Aesthetics

disposable plates

Basic white paper plates are versatile and work for any casual occasion. Be it a summer picnic, wedding, holiday gathering, or small get-together at home, using disposable plates can make a positive impression on the guests. So, consider the color and pattern when buying plates so that they nicely align with the event.

Are You Ready To Make the Right Choice When Buying Disposable Plates?

We are sure you are ready, just remember to consider the above points. We want to share one additional tip - always buy disposable plates in bulk for cost savings.

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