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Show Bowl Plastic Storage Containers

Show Bowl Plastic Storage Containers

Choosing the proper packaging is essential for a thriving food business.

  • Premium Quality- Our show bowl food containers are ideal for everyday use. Regardless if you need to pack a lunch, host a party, or deliver takeaway food, these quality bowls are perfect for serving all your food storing needs.
  • Recyclable Bowls- These takeaway containers are excellent for multiple uses. Regardless if you want to recycle or toss them, you can reuse them right after washing them.
  • Fresh and Secure Food- These takeaway containers show bowls are durable enough to not deformed once placed in a bag. They are also very lightweight and leak-resistant to maintain freshness while securing the food against leaks.

Using our food saver containers, you can rest your worry knowing that your takeaway orders are always fresh and clean through our hinged show bowl containers. Packware provides a vast collection of plastic food containers with a hinged lid available in different sizes, designs, and styles to suit your packaging needs. Commonly popular to store leftovers, salads, pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and more to keep them clean against flies.

If you own a cafe or restaurant,  insulated food containers and food containers are essentials to keep any leftovers. We use quality plastic to fabricate our show bowl container to keep food intact and fresh, whether consumed today or later.

The hinged lid makes the plastic food saver containers secure and steady. It prevents leaks and spills while on takeaway boxes for convenient transport for your customers. You can serve almost anything in these disposable containers and recyclable plastic food containers from Packware.

Don’t let a crumpled and messy foil compromise your business integrity. Instead, use high-quality food storage containers for presentable and secure orders!

Packware offers a great selection of different capacities and designs to suit your bulk food storage containers Australia needs!