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Tamper Evident Food Saver Containers

Tamper Evident Food Saver Containers

We invest in innovation; that is why our unique patented tamper-evident indicator lets you know if someone opens a product before being purchased. Our plastic food containers increase overall product safety and freshness to preserve their original flavor!

  • Convenient and Safe To Use- Our food containers aim to lessen the need for sharp tear-away plastic strips causing any potential cuts.
  • Sleek And Polished Design- These plastic food containers are perfectly designed for deli items, produce, and snack. These food saver containers are popular because they enable customers to see what's inside. It can leverage your product's ability to sell itself like a hot item! 
  • Different Variety For Your Needs- You can choose from our vast collection of food storage containers that varies from small, medium, and large sizes. You can also select the ideal shape that will suit your product needs.

Our tamper-evident takeaway containers are beneficial even in your storage system. For example, having distinct and patented rail features makes them stackable and easy to assemble when not in use. Our plastic food containers are leak-proof, and they don't have any prominent ribbing appearance to lessen the item's visibility. These insulated food containers are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand microwave heat.

On the food business side, these tamper-evident containers must be on your lists to ensure your product's overall safety and quality. Using these special takeaway containers, your customers believe that you serve the best food and that their safety matters the most. Moreover, you can provide all the options available at a single glance to your customer because of the clear and transparent materials used to build the container.

So, whether you are still searching for bulk food storage containers Australia to team up with the most reliable tamper-evident containers supplier, the search is over as Packware offers you a one-stop packaging solution!