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Why is it good to use plastic food packaging supplies at home?

November 02, 2022 0 Comments

Why is it good to use plastic food packaging supplies at home?

This sounds ironic. Do we need to use more plastic containers at home at a time when plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental problems today? Our landfill sites are replete with plastic, from straws to phone casings, broken storage bins, and plastic boxes. Plastic wrappers and tiny pellets abound on our streams, rivers, lakes, and seas. Since the earth needs our help, what’s the need for more plastic containers at home?

Practical reasons why your food containers should be premium plastic

Plastic containers will lessen your pollution at home

The best way to help reduce pollution is to keep our homes clean. When our homes are clean, there is less trash. We reduce unnecessary waste and our public waste management system is not overloaded. Clean homes mean less pollution.

A clean home is well-organized

Now, it’s one thing to clean the home and another to keep it clean. A busy home, like one with small kids running around, can only get clean for hours before it gets messy again. But there’s a practical way to keep the home clean: Keep it organized.


Storage containers help you put your household items in their proper place. The good thing about storage containers made from plastic is they can come in different shapes and sizes. There are storage containers suitable for toys or office tools. Others are for storing utensils, raw ingredients, and leftover food. These containers are also stackable for easier storage on a cabinet or, in the case of food, inside your fridge. Organizing your home makes it easier to clean and maintain for a longer period.

A clean home has clean storage containers

Choose plastic for your storage containers because it is easier to clean. Your storage bins get dirty with grease and oil because they often go untouched for months or years. Bins used for rubbish, for example, are seldom cleaned. Storage containers used to hold tools and handy equipment also carry lots of dust and dirt. When these items are not cleaned from time to time, the pollutants they carry can spread in the air and can make you and others inside your home sick.

Plastic is the easiest material to clean

It’s difficult to clean storage containers. Those made out of cardboard, wood, or metal are vulnerable to water. An ounce of water dropped on a thick cardboard container can ruin its usability. Likewise, wooden containers become breeding grounds for mold and fungi when drenched with water. Metal-based containers will get rusty over time when always exposed to moisture.

Fortunately, these problems do not affect plastic. You can clean a plastic storage container with a damp cloth. Or, you can clean it weekly with soap and soap and not worry about damaging its material. In other words, the only way to have clean storage containers is to buy those made from plastic.

Premium plastic containers are the safest storage solution for the home

Storage containers made from plastic do not just reduce pollution inside the home. They also keep you safe from toxic chemicals. Using storage containers made from metal and wood presents a huge risk to your health. Many metal bins, boxes, or holders are coated with chrome to protect the metal from rust. But chrome is harmful to the body. Overexposure to this element can lead to organ problems.

Stainless containers are not immune to rust

But what if you go for stainless steel containers? No doubt, this material does not corrode under normal conditions. Hi-grade stainless steel is used for handling food and for surgical applications. But unlike what many think, metal containers made from stainless steel are not really immune to rust. Stainless steel containers are rust-proof only because it contains chromium. When exposed to a natural environment, chromium combines with oxygen first to create chromium oxide before the iron is able to form rust. But once its layer of chromium is damaged, nothing will keep steel from producing rust.

Wooden containers contain toxic materials

Going for wooden containers does not make your storage safe either. Because wood is vulnerable to elements in the environment, manufacturers protect it with paint, varnish, or synthetic resin. But these substances can cause irritations and allergies, especially on those with sensitive skin and weak immune systems.

Glass containers have lots of limitations

No doubt, glass containers make excellent storage containers. They are also the least toxic material used for containers. That’s why they’re best for storing food, beverage, and medicine. But glass has lots of limitations. Glass containers are not stackable and are not as tough as plastic. Plus, they need extra careful treatment. Otherwise, they can break and shatter into thousands of sharp and dangerous particles.

Regular plastic containers are prone to waste and are dangerous to your health

Not all plastic products, however, are worth buying.

Even when you choose plastic containers for your storage needs, they won't do you good if they're made from regular plastic. Containers made from recycled plastic, are vulnerable to cracks and may be useless after a few days of use. You might have purchased the container because of its discounted price. But it won't be of good use if it cracks easily. You would not like that to happen. After all, the reason why you're looking for storage solutions is to reduce waste, not add to it.

Regular plastic is also harmful because of the chemicals used for hardening. Plastic water bottles, for example, contain Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. Studies show that frequent exposure to this chemical causes serious health problems.


Premium plastic is best for your food storage needs

When it comes to storage containers, choose premium plastic like the ones we sell at Packware. Unlike those made from regular plastic, these premium containers have several benefits.

  1. They are flexible. Premium plastic containers come in different forms and sizes to meet specific storage needs.
  2. They help you cut unnecessary waste. Premium plastic containers are durable. They will not become part of your household waste in just a short while.
  3. They are first-hand material. Premium plastic is virgin grade resin. They do not contain any recycled plastic.
  4. They are recyclable. In case premium plastic containers are no longer usable because of frequent use, they can be recycled and made into other plastic products.
  5. They are not toxic. Premium plastic is good because they do not contain BPA. You won’t need to worry about your health when using these for storage. 

Premium plastic makes your home environment-friendly

Our actions don’t just affect ourselves. They impact others around us. When a storage container is toxic, for example, it can harm the health of our family members, our staff, our customers, or even our pets. You can't put it near the home even when it helps save your space. A storage bin may look pleasing to have, but if it’s a health and safety hazard, it’s not worth your money.

Premium plastic storage is earth-friendly

Buying premium plastic containers to make our homes clean and organized is exactly what the environment needs. We live at a time when our actions need to have less negative impact on the environment. We already talked about the need for less garbage and waste coming from our homes. Of course, not everyone will realize how their actions affect the earth. But as responsible citizens, always go for space-saving solutions that have minimal carbon footprint.

What should you do now?

Now you know why premium plastic containers are your best options for food packaging and storage. But before you go shopping, here are some recommendations to remember.

Do a quick inventory to know your food packaging needs

The goal of choosing a plastic storage solution is for organizing your items. But before you buy from your store, make sure you already know how many containers you need and what to put in them. It does not make sense to search for a new set of plastic containers, for example, when you already several unused ones at home.

Value quality over price

You need to use premium plastic containers at home. Cheap brands won’t do you any good even when their price is much cheaper. You might save a few dollars when getting a cheap storage box or bin from a local store. But cheap does not always mean their worth buying.

Price is not a good basis for choosing storage containers. If the container you buy cracks within a week or two, you have to buy a new one. In the end, you really saved nothing because you bought two storage containers in less than a month. Price is peripheral. Quality is everything. A premium plastic product will give you excellent value for your money. Its prices are definitely more expensive than regular plastic. But they can serve your storage needs and space-saving requirements for several months or years. At the same time, it will help you save the earth. Your clean and organized home will become more


When buying plastic storage solutions, always go for premium products, like the ones sold at Packware. I will give you the best storage solutions. But you don't need to worry about paying too much for storage. All our products are affordable. We'll give you the right solutions for your food packaging and storage needs without breaking your budget.

In case you’re going to buy for a plastic food container, do you think price is a good gauge for the item’s quality?