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BioPak 2-Cup Drink Carriers Pulp - Biodegradable -


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2-Cup Drink Carriers - Biodegradable -

Item Number: CT02B

Carton Qty: 500

This 2 cup biocup carrier is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and cardboard pulp. Our biocup carriers are suitable for clear and paper cups from 6oz to 20oz. The characteristics of these cup carry trays make them even more desirable, they are sturdy, and they do not require assembly unlike other cardboard made cup carriers.

Buy 2 cup biocup carriers online for their nesting design as they ensure to take up very little space. Supremely suitable for carrying our range of hot and cold cups.

Grab them from our website at extremely affordable prices, they make for a perfect tray to carry around liquid-based foods as they keep them intact in a niche like space. They are sturdy yet lightweight. As one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable food containers, we believe in providing our customers with utmost quality when they choose us.

  •  STRONG & STURDY 2 DRINK CARRIERS:  If you have wasted your money on Thin, Flimsy Cardboard Cup Holders for Drinks before, we want you to try our Super Sturdy Drink Carrier Trays.  Whether you're a Restaurant or Cafe Owner, if you use a Take out Cup Carrier for Delivery Or you simply need a Paper Drink Holder for your business, these 2 Cup Holder Disposable Coffee Trays are a perfect choice for carrying multiple Hot or Cold Drinks.
  • NO-SPILL CUP TRAY HOLDER CARRIER: Choose Quality Over Quantity. Don't Be Embarrassed in front of your Customers using Cheaply Made Cupholder Trays that Easily Break. Our Disposable Paper Cup Holders have Firm, Deep Grooves that securely hold cups from 8oz to 32oz Liquid without Creating a Mess.  Our Disposable Coffee Cup Holders are ideal for Car Food Delivery Services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Doordash, Postmates. These Coffee Holders will never bend, collapse or fall apart during transport.
  • 2 CONVENIENT SIZES DRINK TRAYS: Our Space-Saving, Stackable Paper Coffee Cup Tray comes in 2 convenient styles for Easy Carryout. While our 4 Cup Drink Carrier (8.75 x 8.75 x 1.75 inch) can carry up to 128oz, our 2 Cup Drink Carrier (8.75 x 4.5 x 1.75 inch) can carry up to 64oz of Drink Cups.  Our Beverage Carriers have Smooth Round Corners;  They are Easy to Separate.  Please Note this Drink Cup Holder might NOT be suitable for Large Soup bowls or Mason Jars that have a wider bottom.
  • BE PROUD TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT:  Our Disposable Cup Holders for Drinks are Biodegradable and Earth Friendly. These To Go Cup Carriers are made from 100% Recycled Cardboard Trays and other Molded Paper Pulp Fiber; Whether you are using our Disposable Drink Carriers as Movie Snack Trays, or as a Drink Holder for Delivery at Coffee Shops, Food Trucks, Stadium, Juice Bars, or Concession Stand, feel Proud knowing you are doing your part to Save the Earth avoiding Plastic Drink Holder.

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