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Food Saver Containers With Hinged Lid Fresh View X Large


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Whether you eat now or carry it along, you can bake your favorite sweet treats and share them with your loved ones using our plastic storage containers.

  • Clear Containers- These clear plastic containers effectively provide clear visibility of the content. These will give you a glimpse of the delicious baked goodies inside while eliminating the risk of ruining it by opening the container from time to time. The hinged lid will prevent the cake from smashing or destroying the detailed icing design. 
  • Pack and Go- You can send home goodies to your guests after a party by storing the food in these nifty food storage containers. You may pack leftovers like sandwiches, pastries, candies, pasta, burgers, and the like, perfect as takeaway souvenirs for later consumption. Our food containers are also excellent containers for storing delis, cold cuts, and mixed berries, which are commonly prevalent in supermarkets, bakeshops, and restaurants as durable packaging in the line of business.
  • Supreme Quality- These durable takeaway containers are the best way to carry around salads, pastries, and home-baked treats. The design of these containers is to preserve the freshness of the food and protect them from damage while traveling. At Package, you can have a good reputation if your food business ventures.

The hinged lid of these food saver containers features a sturdy, clear plastic design that provides optimal product visibility. These plastic food containers are best for quick identification in the refrigerator and the state of the food during transport. Furthermore, it highlights the vibrant colors of your confections, salads, and signature dishes for a more delicious look!

These disposable containers are available in 250pcs per 1 carton. Get these items in bulk to get your money’s worth, and never run out of containers whenever you need one. 

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Envirochoice Recycled PET Fresh View containers are a one piece hinged construction with increased container rigidity to allow finished product stacking. The container provides an excellent water vapour barrier for longer shelf life.


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