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Wooden Gelato Spade Spoon 95mm 5000pc/ctn


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$99.00 in. GST

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Elevate your gelato experience with our eco-friendly Wooden Gelato Spade Spoons. Crafted for both functionality and sustainability, these spade-shaped spoons are perfect for serving and enjoying gelato, ice cream, and other frozen desserts.

  • Material: Premium-quality wood, ensuring durability and a smooth finish.
  • Size: 95mm in length, ideal for a comfortable grip and efficient scooping.
  • Design: Spade-shaped for easy and precise serving of gelato and other frozen treats.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from renewable resources, these spoons are biodegradable and compostable, reducing environmental impact.
  • Packaging: 5000 pieces per carton, suitable for high-volume usage in gelaterias, ice cream parlors, catering events, and more.
  • Usage: Perfect for commercial and home use, these spoons add a rustic and natural touch to your dessert presentation.

Choose our Wooden Gelato Spade Spoons for a sustainable, stylish, and practical solution to serving your favorite frozen delights.

Type: Spoons

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