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1 Square Greaseproof Lined Bag Brown-180x180mm


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Product Code - BBS1GP

Pack Qty. 500

Bag Size: 180 x180mm
Our square greaseproof lined bag is the perfect solution for the takeaway and delivery market. Made from natural components, it offers a practical and eco-friendly Paper Bag for various types of food. Whether it's deep-fried food, French fries, wedges, donuts, sausage rolls, or more, this bag ensures the freshness and quality of your food.
  1. Greaseproof lining: The bag is lined with a greaseproof material that prevents oil or grease from seeping through, keeping the contents fresh and maintaining their integrity.
  2. Versatile usage: It is suitable for a wide range of food items, making it ideal for takeaways, food trucks, catering, and delivery services.
  3. Size: The bag has dimensions of 180x180mm providing ample space to accommodate different food portions.
  4. Pack quantity: Each pack includes 500 bags, divided into several inner packs. This makes it easy to manage and distribute them as needed.
  5. Convenient hanging string: The bag comes with a string attached, allowing it to be easily hung or placed in a container for convenient serving.
  6. User-friendly design: The bag is designed for easy handling and quick packaging, ensuring efficiency during busy service periods.

Choose our square greaseproof lined bags, available in a pack of 500 with a hanging string, for a practical and eco-friendly solution to meet your takeaway and delivery needs.

Type: Paper Bags

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