2 Litre HDPE Plastic Natural Square Bottle 38mm Tamper Evident Lids

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$43.74 in. GST

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A perfect kickstart to your own juicing or smoothie company. The traditional shape of the HDPE square bottle is the right fit for packing acidic, alcoholic and vegetable oil-based products. Buy 1 Litre HDPE plastic natural square bottle with 38mm Tamper evident lids online from the most trusted sources.

These multifunctional bottles are extremely durable, and sturdy, which accommodates all your business needs. This is your solution to going sustainable with compostable products. Keep your liquid intact in these clean looking bottles that are capable enough to hold liquids without any leakages. 

At Packware, we are committed to manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly products. Become one of the environmentally friendly businesses within the food and beverage industry. These supreme quality BPA free plastic storage bottles are ideal when it comes to attracting customers as people have become more educated about the importance of sustainability and they are aware of how their choices affect the environment. 

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