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3" Circle Cake Boards-Silver


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Elevate your dessert presentation with the 3" Circle Cake Boards in Silver, identified by the Product Code 3SCB. Each carton includes 50 round silver single-serve dessert boards. Crafted for supporting your delectable creations, these circular boards are perfect for unique dessert displays and personalized tabletop service.

Key Points:

  1. Product Code: 3SCB
  2. Carton Quantity: 50 round silver single-serve dessert boards.
  3. Sturdy Support: The circular board provides sturdy support for your delicious creations.
  4. Ease of Transportation: Sturdy material allows easy transport of confections for you and your patrons.
  5. Attractive Silver Coloring: Enhances the presentation, making vibrant icings and intricate designs stand out.
  6. Disposable: Perfect for single-service use, ensuring quick cleanup after service is complete.
  7. Grease-Resistant Construction: Laminated chipboard prevents grease stains and seepage, allowing for use with various cake recipes and buttercream icing.
  8. Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of dessert presentations and tabletop services.
  9. Lasting Impression: The attractive silver color ensures your creations leave a lasting impression on your customers or guests.

Type: Cake Boards

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