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BioPak 480ml White Sugarcane Takeaway Base

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Item Code: G480W

Carton Qty: 600

Item Size: 480ml

The 480ml White Biocane Takeaway Base is an eco-friendly food container designed for takeaway or to-go meals. It is made from biocane, a renewable and compostable material derived from sugarcane pulp. This sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or foam containers offers both convenience and environmental benefits.

Key Features:

  1. Capacity: The takeaway base has a capacity of 480ml, providing ample space for food items such as salads, pasta, rice dishes, and more.

  2. Biocane Material: The container is made from biocane, a natural and biodegradable material derived from sugarcane pulp. It is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic or foam containers, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.

  3. White Color: The container features a white color that gives it a clean and visually appealing appearance, suitable for various types of food presentations.

  4. Takeaway Convenience: The container is designed for takeaway or to-go meals, making it ideal for restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and other food service establishments. It offers a convenient and secure way to package food for customers who prefer takeout options.

  5. Leak-Resistant: The takeaway base is designed to be leak-resistant, ensuring that sauces, dressings, or liquids from the food items do not spill or seep through the container during transportation.

  6. Sturdy and Durable: Despite being compostable, the biocane material provides durability and strength to the container, ensuring that it holds its shape and integrity when filled with food.

  7. Packaging: The containers are typically available in a box containing 600 units, providing a bulk quantity for businesses with high demand.

  8. Optional Clear Sugarcane Lid: Additionally, you have the option to add a clear lid made from sugarcane material. This lid provides a clear view of the contents inside the container while maintaining the eco-friendly and compostable properties of the overall packaging.

  9. Compostable and Sustainable: The container is compostable, meaning it can break down naturally in composting conditions, leaving behind nutrient-rich soil. This promotes sustainability and reduces waste sent to landfills.

  10. Versatile Usage: The 480ml White Biocane Takeaway Base is suitable for a wide range of hot and cold food items, making it versatile for different types of cuisine and menu offerings.

Note: It's important to follow local composting guidelines and facilities for proper disposal of the biocane container after use.

Type: PLA

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