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500ml / 16oz Green Cold Paper BioCup


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$150.00 in. GST

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The 500ml/16oz Green Cold Paper BioCup is an eco-friendly cup, designed for cold drinks. Made of paper and lined with a plant-based PLA coating, it is biodegradable and compostable. The light, yet strong design, ensures a reliable hold for your beverage. Enjoy cold drinks knowing you're doing something great for the environment!




  • Carton quantity: 1000
  • Sleeves per carton: 20
  • Units per sleeve: 50
  • Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 45.5x36.5x56
  • Carton gross weight (kg): 14.200000
  • Raw Material: Paper, Paper - FSC™ Mix certified paper
  • Lining/coating: Bioplastic - Ingeo™ PLA
  • Window Material: None
  • Printing Type: Flexo
  • Inks: Food Contact Safe Inks
  • Brim fill capacity (ml): 510
  • Dimensions top LxW (mm): 89x89
  • Dimensions base LxW (mm): 58x58
  • Product Depth: 136
  • Product weight (g): 13.5
  • Thickness: 266gsm
  • Use: Hot, Cold, Wet & Dry Products
  • Manufactured: China




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