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Ultrasoft Facial Tissue 2 ply - 24 Boxes

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Product Code - FT2024
Carton Qty. 24


Caprice Paper's Ultrasoft Facial Tissues are a premium choice, offering exceptional quality and value for your facial care needs. Presented in a stylish blue packaging, the box of 200 2-ply facial tissues adds a pleasant touch to any restroom or office space.

Absorbency is a key feature of these Ultrasoft facial tissues. They effectively and efficiently absorb moisture, making them a reliable option for use in washrooms and office spaces. Whether it's for wiping away tears, removing makeup, or addressing a runny nose, these tissues deliver reliable performance.

The Ultrasoft Facial Tissues are thoughtfully designed to provide a gentle and soft touch to your skin. The 2-ply construction ensures strength and durability, allowing for effective cleaning without sacrificing comfort. Each tissue is made with care to ensure a premium experience.

Choose the Ultrasoft Facial Tissues from Caprice Paper for their absorbency, reliability, and smart presentation. They are the perfect choice for maintaining hygiene and comfort in various settings, including washrooms and office spaces.


Type: Hand Towels

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