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90mm PS large sipper lid - fits all 90mm cups - black


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Designed and produced specifically for the 90mm BioCups to ensure a leak-proof seal every time.

Strict quality control standards ensure critical tolerances are maintained and guarantees a leak-free secure fit every time. Bioplastic lids are made from Ingeo , an ingenious bioplastic made from rapidly renewable plant-based resources.

Bioplastic has 75% less embodied CO2 emissions than conventional plastic and can be commercially composted. They are certified industrially compostable to AS4736. They provide an option to divert waste from landfill wherever commercial compost facilities are available.

New and improved PS plastic lids are ergonomically designed to enhance your takeaway coffee experience. Our range includes a variety of shapes and sizes, including a new white sipper lid with an extended, spill-free spout. PS lids cannot be composted but should be disposed of in the recycling stream. Note: black plastic is not recyclable.

Takeaway coffee cups and lids have a 12-month shelf life.

Additional information:

  • Feature: Compostable
  • Material: Bioplastic
  • Sale Quantity: 1

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