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Brown Square Catering Tray - Small -180x180x80 mm (QTY -100)


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$45.00 in. GST

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Our online brown catering tray is an excellent solution for all your catering, from gourmet catering to finger food. The rectangular tray, also called Brown Kraft, is durable and sturdy, capable of holding more than enough food. It is made from corrugated cardboard, which is a rigid material. It has the ability to carry heavy juice glasses or any bowl. 

You can buy a brown catering tray from our website and keep all sorts of catering food at a very affordable price. In addition to that, we ensure our customers that this brown tray is versatile enough and comes in many different sizes for catering, but the tray here we have is medium with 180x180x80 mm dimensions. The attractive thing about these brown catering tray in Australia is that it comes with a matching transparent lid making it easy for you to showcase the inside food of the tray and you can also stamp your catering logo on the slide of it.

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