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Lunch Box White Small size : 110 x 70 x 60


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$100.60 in. GST

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Bring your favorite meal home without the mess using our takeaway burger box.

  • Nature's Answer to Any Leftovers - Fill your lunch box with your favorite homemade burger, not spills and mess. You can easily store your leftover food in these food boxes and save yourself from food waste. Even the container itself won't hurt mother nature; it's biodegradable and compostable for a guilt-free use.
  • No More Missing Containers - Send guests home with delicious eats in a disposable takeout box instead of your plasticware or fragile glassware. Whether the occasion is a holiday or a gathering, Packware got you covered.
  • Earth-Friendly Convenience - Packware strives hard to provide compostable paper storage boxes that are genuinely durable to make burger takeaway box a breeze for both customers and the environment.

Unlike plastic or styrofoam containers, our large capacity white paper boxes with lids are made of kraft paper materials, making them 100% sustainable while preserving the freshness of your food. Forget about flimsy and soggy paper boxes! Greasy and oily foods are no match for our durable takeaway burger box that keeps oils and moisture inside.

Don't waste your time washing your dishes; you can easily toss these food packaging boxes for a quick and easy meal. It's easy to assemble, stackable, easy, and fast to close the lids for safe and clean food all day long. You can travel home and bring these nifty to go food boxes, knowing your food is secure in a food-grade box that won't accidentally open and spill all over your clothes, offices, car, etc.

Get these items in the bulk count for 500 pcs, and you can make the most of your eating experience anytime. Whether you are a home cook or a professional, these are useful for meal preparation ahead of time, food portioning, etc.

Product Code -  LBMW
Carton Qty. - 200

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