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Cake Trays #19 White - 135x135x45mm - Pack of 500


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Product Code: CTW19

Carton Qty: 500

Tray Size: 135x135x45mm

Introducing our Cake Trays #19 in White, the perfect solution for packaging and presenting your delicious cakes. Each tray measures 135x135x45mm and comes in a pack of 500. These trays are carefully wrapped and sealed in thick plastic, ensuring their protection during transportation.

The cake trays are conveniently flat packed, making them easy to store and assemble whenever needed. With a simple and efficient setup process, you can quickly establish a sturdy base for your cakes. The trays are designed to fit perfectly into a paper bag, providing a convenient and compact solution for takeaways and on-the-go treats.

Our Cake Trays #19 in White are not only practical but also enhance the presentation of your cakes. The clean white color adds a touch of elegance, while the secure packaging ensures that your cakes remain intact during transport.

Whether you're a professional baker or simply enjoy baking at home, these cake trays are a reliable and convenient choice. Order your pack of Cake Trays #19 today and experience the convenience and quality that Packware offers.

  • Cake trays #19 White
  • Dimensions: 135x135x45mm
  • Comes with 500 trays per pack
  • Each tray is wrapped and sealed in thick plastic
  • Flat packed for easy storage and transportation
  • Convenient and time-saving assembly process
  • Provides a secure and sturdy base for cakes
  • Ideal for packaging and transporting cakes
  • Designed for easy insertion into a paper bag
  • Enhances the presentation and protection of cakes
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial use

Type: Cake Tray

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