Chip Cup/Scoop Take Out Box Brown 12oz/355ml

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Surprise your loved ones and friends using our adorable snack box with its durable and cute design; these are a mood booster.

  • Innovative French Fry Cup Holder- These food boxes are ideal for any occasion, takeout booth, and restaurant as they adopt durable, 100% durable kraft paper materials. Our paper boxes will prevent the oily and greasy fries from penetrating the to go food boxes to provide a chic and functional holder. You can feel it with various food goodies like fries, popcorn, candies, chocolate, candies, etc., without creating a mess and ready to walk out and enjoy delicious takeout treats.
  • Perfect Container For All Occasions- Our takeout box must be in your kitchen essential list whether you plan for the next camping or party. Having the brown color makes our food packaging boxes match your theme so well. They create an uplifting spirit for your occasion.
  • Adorable Scoop Cup For Any Age- These paper take out boxes will make children happy and young at heart to eat everything you prepare for them. The preparation won’t require so much of you; just put their hot dogs, fries, nuggets, and mixed fruits in these nifty cups, and anyone will happily dive into their meal with a smile!

You can make the most of these cardboard containers; aside from your favorite junkies, you can even use these food storage boxes for non-food items. You can use these as art material for school projects; you can turn this into a vase or a pot; you can put little toys, accessories, nails, screws, etc. Being stackable won’t take up so much space in your home to give you an organized and tidy home. Give these items a try and see how your food truck business will become a hit.

Product Code - G12CC
Carton Qty. - 1000

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