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14oz Crystal Clear PET Cup - 1000 Pieces/pkts of 50


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14oz Crystal Clear PET Cup - 1000 Pieces/pkts of 50 - Perfect for Cold Drinks with Optional Dome or Flat Lids

Product Code: PET14

Carton Qty: 1000

Size: 98x100

Introducing our PET Cup 14oz / 414ml, a fantastic choice for serving cold beverages. This pack contains 1000 cups, conveniently bundled in packets of 50 for easy use. These cups are the perfect size for a range of cold drinks, including soda, iced tea, smoothies, and more.

Key Features:

Ideal Capacity: With a 14oz / 414ml capacity, these cups offer ample space for your customers to enjoy their favorite cold beverages without the need for frequent refills.

Crystal Clear Visibility: Made from high-quality PET material, these cups provide excellent clarity, allowing the vibrant colors and tempting contents of your drinks to be showcased.

Sturdy and Reliable: Crafted with durability in mind, these cups are designed to withstand the demands of serving cold beverages. They are sturdy and reliable, ensuring a hassle-free drinking experience.

Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 50 cups, with a total of 1000 cups in a single case. The individual packaging makes it easy to store, stack, and access the cups as needed.

Add-On Option: For a perfect fit, you have the option to purchase separate dome or flat lids. These lids ensure a secure closure, preventing spills and allowing for convenient on-the-go enjoyment.

Upgrade your cold beverage service with our PET Cup 14oz / 414ml. With their ideal size, crystal-clear visibility, and sturdy construction, these cups are a fantastic choice for any foodservice establishment or event. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of these cups while providing your customers with a delightful drinking experience.

Type: Cup

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