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EcoWare Compostable Sugarcane Takeaway Containers - 650ml, 500pc/ctn

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Takeaway container 650ml 500pc/ctn

Product Code: TC650

Size mm 180x125x55

Introducing our 750ml compostable sugarcane takeaway containers, the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers. Each carton contains 500 containers, providing you with a large quantity of eco-friendly packaging options for your business or personal use.

Key Features:

  • Compostable Material: These containers are made from 100% natural sugarcane, a renewable and biodegradable resource. By choosing these compostable containers, you're taking a step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener environment.
  • Generous Capacity: With a 750ml capacity, these containers are perfect for serving a wide range of food items, including main dishes, salads, and sides. They provide ample space to accommodate different portion sizes.
  • Secure Closure: The containers come with secure lids that ensure a tight seal, preventing leaks and spills during transport. This feature allows you to confidently package both hot and cold food items.
  • Complete your eco-friendly takeaway packaging with our separate lids for the 750ml compostable sugarcane containers. These lids are sold separately and perfectly complement the containers, providing a secure and convenient closure. Choose the sustainable option for your foodservice business and help protect the environment.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: Despite being compostable, these containers maintain their durability and functionality. They are designed to hold various food types without compromising on structural integrity.
  • Versatile and Suitable for Various Uses: Whether you operate a restaurant, café, food truck, or need containers for personal use, these compostable sugarcane containers are versatile and can be used in various food service settings.
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: By opting for these compostable containers, you're making a positive impact on the environment. They break down naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues or pollutants.

Make the switch to our 750ml compostable sugarcane takeaway containers and contribute to a greener future. With their eco-friendly composition, generous capacity, and reliable performance, they are an excellent choice for conscious businesses and individuals. Choose sustainability without compromising on quality

Type: Takeaway

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