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Everfilm 45x1300m (Green)


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The Everfilm 45x1300m Green is a durable and versatile stretch film designed for various packaging and wrapping needs. With a width of 45cm and a length of 1300m, it provides ample coverage for a wide range of applications.

Superior Stretch and Cling: The stretch film has exceptional stretchability, allowing it to tightly wrap around items of different shapes and sizes. It clings securely to the surfaces, providing a tight and protective seal.

Protective Packaging: This stretch film helps protect your products from dust, dirt, moisture, and other external elements during transportation and storage. It creates a barrier that safeguards your goods, ensuring they reach their destination in optimal condition.

Secure Load Stability: The Everfilm stretch film helps stabilize and secure loads on pallets or during shipment. It minimizes the risk of items shifting or falling off, providing added safety and stability during transportation.

Efficient and Time-Saving: With its efficient wrapping capabilities, the Everfilm stretch film helps streamline packaging processes. It allows for quick and easy application, saving valuable time and effort.

Green Color: The green color of the film adds a distinctive touch and makes it easily identifiable in your packaging operations. It can also be used for color coding or branding purposes, providing a visual distinction for your wrapped products.

Whether you need to secure pallet loads, protect goods during transportation, or streamline your packaging processes, the Everfilm 45x1300m Green stretch film is a reliable choice. Its superior stretch and cling properties, protective packaging capabilities, and efficient application make it an essential tool in various industries and settings.

Type: Wraps

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