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"Kraft Cutlery Pouch with White Napkin - 1000pc/ctn | Sustainable Convenience


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Upgrade your dining experience with our Kraft Cutlery Pouch featuring a White Napkin, thoughtfully packaged in a 1000pc/ctn for convenience. Crafted from eco-friendly paper, this sustainable combo is 100% recyclable and home & industrial compostable. Enjoy the perfect fusion of convenience, hygiene, and an elevated presentation for your table settings.

Key Features:

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Both pouch and white napkin made from recyclable paper.
  2. Convenient Packaging: Complete set in one Kraft pouch for streamlined setup and service.
  3. Sustainable Choice: 100% recyclable, contributing to environmental responsibility.
  4. Compostable: Home & industrial compostable, minimizing environmental impact.
  5. Enhanced Presentation: Elevate the dining ambiance with this stylish Kraft cutlery pouch and white napkin combo.

Transform your dining setting sustainably with our Kraft Cutlery Pouch and White Napkin combination, providing both functionality and eco-consciousness.

Type: Combined Set

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