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Lunch Box Takeout Box Brown Medium Size


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$73.00 in. GST

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Whether running a food business establishment, catering business, or hosting a house party, our snack box is the perfect solution for serving prominent people and ready-to-eat meals.

  • Environmentally-Friendly- Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable natural kraft paper, this snack box supports the green movement without compromising durability and functionality. It features a natural brown color that can instantly elevate the food presentation of your business.
  • Helps To Preserve Food Freshness Longer- Packware brown lunch box is the best solution for keeping your food fresh and clean. They are also an ideal eco-friendly alternative to the traditional bulky lunch boxes. It has a built-in lid to ensure no annoying bugs or dirt will land on your food. These paper boxes are your holy grail if you are looking for sturdy food containers that won't require so much from your cleaning.
  • Heat Tolerant and Spill-Free Design- This medium takeout box especially holds greasy and oil foods preventing liquids from seeping out the container.

The bulk order comes in 200 cardboard food boxes. Each box can hold medium portions of food which are perfect for a large number of people that need meal portioning. Our cardboard containers are safe for you and the environment! 

You can easily incorporate your personal touches, like adding a logo and ribbons on top. You can instantly get positive reviews from your customer because of your well-packed meals using our food storage boxes. You can use them to plan your next meal for the office, kid's lunches and snacks, gym, while traveling, etc.

Order these in bulk and see how our lunch box can make hosting a party easy. You can send some leftover foods as souvenirs in our paper boxes to your guests and let the flavorful taste remain the same while they eat it.

Product Code - LBMB
Carton Qty. - 200

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