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Plastic Roll Extra Thick, 850/1700mm 70um 135 metres

SKU: PLR85177

$112.50 ex. GST
$125.00 in. GST

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The Plastic Roll Extra Thick is a high-quality solution that offers superior protection and coverage. With a width of 1.7m, it is ideal for use as a drop sheet or ground cover. The clear plastic roll opens up to its full width, providing ample coverage for various applications. With a length of 135m and a thickness of 70um, it offers durability and reliability. The natural-clear color adds versatility to its usage. Explore the benefits of the Plastic Roll Extra Thick, Product Code - PLR85177, and experience its exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Width: 1.7m, providing extensive coverage
  • Length: 135m, ensuring ample supply
  • Thickness: 70um, for extra durability
  • Versatile usage as a drop sheet or ground cover
  • Clear and natural color for enhanced visibility

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